Summer Programs

Note: Some of the links change over the year, if the link in this page doesn’t work, try to search for the name of the summer program in Google.

– Parc Científic de Barcelona: Spend the Summer at the Park!:

– IRB – Barcelona: A future in Biomedicine:

IRB – Barcelona: Maths 4 Life – Summer Stays at IRB Barcelona:

CRG – Barcelona: CRG Summer Internship Programme:…/trainin…/crg-summer-internship-programme

– ICFO – Castelldefels, Barcelona: ICFO Summer Fellows:

– ALBA – Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona: Internships for university students:

IFAE – Bellaterra, Barcelona: IFAE Summer Fellowship Programme:

– BSC & UPC – Barcelona: PUMPS Summer School:

– IDIBELL – Barcelona: Summer training:

– CNIO – Madrid: Laboratory training programme – Undergraduate summer session:

CNIC – Madrid: CICERONE Program:

– Campus Científicos de Verano – [4t ESO & 1r Batxillerat spanish students]:

CIQUS – Santiago de Compostela: CiQUS SUMMER FELLOWSHIPS:

IAC – Tenerife: Summer Grants in Astrophysics

JIC / TSL / TGAC – Norwich: International Undergraduate Summer School:

– The Francis Crick Institute – London: Crick Summer Student Programme:

GMI / IMP / IMBA / MFPL – Vienna: Vienna Biocenter Summer School:

– IST Austria – Klosterneuburg, Vienna: ISTernship – summer internship:

– IMB / JGU / UMC – Mainz: International Summer School:

– DKFZ – Heidelberg: Summer Internship in Cancer Research:

XLAB – Göttingen: XLAB International Science Camp:

– Georg-August-Universität – Göttingen: Hadron Collider Physics School (HASCO):

–  Georg-August-Universität – Göttingen: Hilbert Bernays Summer School on Logic and Computation:

DESY – Hamburg/Zeuthen: DESY Summer Student Programme:

 ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry): Modelling Weeks [maths]:

Calouste Gulbekian Foundation Summer School – Lisboa: Novos Talentos em Matemática: [maths]

Leiden University – Leiden: Summer School Modern physics at all scales

– Petnica Science Center – Valjevo:  Petnica International Summer Science School:

– International Astronomical Youth Camp:

CERN – Geneva:  CERN Summer Student Programme:

University of Zurich / ETH – Zurich: International Biology Undergraduate Summer School:

– UNIL – Lausanne: Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme:

EPFL – Lausanne: Summer Research Program for Undergraduate Life Science Students:

ETH – Zurich: Amgen Scholars Programme (Europe):

– Institut Pasteur – Paris: Amgen Scholars Programme (Europe):

Karolinska Institutet – Stockholm: Amgen Scholars Programme (Europe):

LMU – Munich: Amgen Scholars Programme (Europe):

– University of Cambridge: Amgen Scholars Programme (Europe):

Kyoto University: Amgen Scholars Programme (Japan):

The University of Tokyo: Amgen Scholars Programme (Japan):

The University of Tokyo: UTRIP- The University of Tokyo Research Internship Program:

Caltech: Caltech SURF Program:

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Undergraduate Research Program:

Harvard Stem Cell Institute: HSCI Internship Program:

– Janelia Research Campus: The Janelia Undergraduate Scholars:

– Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Summer Undergraduate Research Program:

Vanderbilt University – Nashville: International Scholar Program:

The Rockefeller University – New York: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program:

– Hobart and William Smith Colleges – Geneva, New York: Environmental Studies Summer Youth Institute:

– Perimeter Institute – Waterloo: Undergraduate Student Program:

– Perimeter Institute – Waterloo: International Summer School For Young Physicists [high school students/batxillerat]:

Summer Internships in Biochemistry:

Summer Schools in Europe:

– RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering):


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