Passion for Science

Damon Lisch

Areas of expertise:  biology, transposable elements, epigenetic silencing, genome

“The best way to know if science is for you is to spend time doing science, talking to scientists, volunteering in a lab. Not just hear about it, but do it.”

“Programming is incredibly important, if you are interested in Biology, I think you can not avoid being able to code.”



Areas of expertise: physics, electrical engineering, carbon nanotubes

“What do you think that are the keys to be a really good teacher and mentor?”

“One thing is empathy. You have to understand your audience, you are not teaching for yourself, you are teaching for them. And conveying not only information but the motivation and why it is what. Understanding is really important for them. And teaching them how to teach themselves, because they won’t have me all the time. “

“In science you meet great people, and I think the students that I had have been inspirational to me. Maybe I have been inspirational to them, but they have also been inspirational to me, because in science you learn together.”

“I work for love”

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